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Speaking & Coaching

Business owners, entrepreneurs, game-changers & start-ups call on Nate's insights...


Nate is a highly sought after speaker for entrepreneur groups and businesses of all sizes.  His fresh and actionable approach to business optimization, product development and conscious business transformation has attracted invitations to speak from leadership organizations and thought leaders globally.   Whether your looking for a message specially suited to your organization or event or you'd like to hear Nate's suggestions on the content best suited to your objectives, get ready to be inspired by his real life stories and time-tested formulas for business and life success.  From learning how to create new habits that help you reach new goals to his unconventional "opposite thinking strategy" - you and your team will be moved to action like never before.

Speaking & Peak Performance Business Coaching Programs:

The Client's This Week™ Lead System

You don't have to look too far to find a business owner talking all about their social media techniques, how they're posting new content 10 times a day - rather than focusing on really helping their clients and doing their great work.  Or, you hear all about their branding strategy and new website, direct mail or cold calling program... OFTEN ALL A WASTE OF TIME!  Having built and run a successful marketing firm and also having been the contract CEO of several others for over 2 decades, Nate will shine a light on the time wasters.  Read on if you'd like to get to the point and start enrolling new business! (yah, ENROLLING, because that's really the process you must follow to win)...

Want a better way to educate and indoctrinate real buyers into your sales funnel?  It's as simple as doing the one thing that generates business for professionals EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.  Stop writing all about your expertise, blogging and talking about getting leads... and start GETTING THEM!

What's the secret?

It's called accessing, "Linear GENIUS" so you start generating leads immediately, and then priming your team to close on those leads by doing what?  HELPING THEM!  Doing what you do best!  Asking questions, getting to the root of the problem and the pain and putting aside all of the symptom treatment and distractions that most businesses think are helpful in the selling process. Take the straight line to actually caring about how you create a difference in the lives of those you offer your products and services too.  Then, get them on the phone and do what you do best... help!

Learning by aligning with WORLD CLASS!

Want to learn EXACTLY how to do this in your business?  We deliver our Linear GENIUS system in partnership with the very best teams in the world at online lead generation - and as we coach you to perform at your PEAK of ability, you'll have a world class team in place to harness your motivation, passion, dedication, commitment and ability to help those who desperately need your services this week!

Time (and Energy) Management – The One Focus Power System™

If you study any great achiever, what you’ll find is that although they’ve accomplished great things, their approach was NOT about doing something big one time, but rather doing small things over and over again – day after day with relentless focus on what mattered.  Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon, Wayne Dyer, Richard Branson… the list could go on and on.

Every one of these characters arrived at their success after overcoming huge obstacles that could just as easily have been reasons they didn’t succeed, but if you ask any one of them, they’ll tell you that the obstacles, fears and doubts were the very reasons they became exceptional at creating their own success. In this seminar, you’ll dig into the depths of your cluttered world, cluttered mind and overwhelmed spaces and clear you mental slate. Then, as the fog clears and certainty replaces confusion, you’ll learn how to truly have more of what you want, you must become deliberate and strategic how you sacrifice what you enjoy to have what will change your life.

This is not a lesson in suffering, it’s a lesson in DECIDING – or cutting off from the ok results you are creating in the time of your life, to selecting precisely what matters to your life most. Sure, you have dozens or even hundreds of goals on your to do list… but there are no more than 20 or 30 rituals you can do of varying efforts that will bring every area of your life forward toward the life (and business and career and health and relationships) of your dreams.

Overcoming Obstacles to Success – The Excuse Removal Blueprint™

In this seminar, you’ll explore the very mindset that causes people to get stuck in their lives, never achieving what they want. Discover the 7 steps of this life-changing system, by selecting an excuse that has held you back in your own life and Nate guarantees that by the time you’ve completed this event, you’ll have turned that very obstacle in the powerful reason for your next greatest achievement. If This quote from Henry Ford is in fact true, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” – then, this training is the very step-by-step blueprint that will demonstrate to all at this seminar the incredible, life-changing value of changing your thinking to change your life!

Activating Your Power of Purpose

We’ve all been on our own journeys of struggle and joy, fun and hardship – but, at the core of it all, everyone has glimpsed little “impossible possibilities”… where they’ve thought, “I’d love to do that, try that, be that…” Whether it’s watching a world famous concert pianist, hearing of yet another amazing business success from Richard Branson or meeting a surf instructor as you finish up your last day of vacation from the stale office that’s been calling you back. In this seminar eyes, hearts and minds will be opened to the astounding possibility that sits on the other side of their deeper purpose and before they leave they will all have new tools to shift their lives, reframe their work and make choices that propel them to the purpose driven version of themselves. Tears will be shed, hearts will be filled with gratitude and don’t be at all surprised if there’s handshakes and hugging as guests or team members head out with a much renewed sense of their own greatness in today’s gift we call life. Learn how to utilize these amazing tools in your life and business every day.

The Gifts Formula®

The Ultimate Identity and Results Creation Formula – learn the criteria for the life and work you are pursuing.

The Ultimate Purpose Blueprint™

There are 5 keys to discovering your ultimate purpose for your time here on earth. Start asking the questions by first taking a deep dive into the journey you’ve been on from birth until today.

Rapid Business Growth – The Genius Freedom System™ & Minimalist CEO™

Every business owner, small or large, wants to smooth out the business cycles, staying higher on the wave of success and avoiding the inevitable down times. The key is not what you do when things are rough, but rather what will you do to be great – and STAY great (innovative, consistent and profitable) even when things get comfortable and successful? It’s all to common to take your foot off the gas when business is cranking… and in this training, you’ll learn how to “Win the day” every day – so you can kiss those business blues goodbye by learning:

  • The One Week Optimization
  • Win the Day Checklist
  • The 3 immediate streams of income (you’ve been giving away free that clients actually WANT DESPERATELY to pay for)

Imagine re-working the new, high-powered version of your business in just a few weeks or even days by actually cutting away most of what you’ve been thinking about and spending your time on! Learn exactly how to remove the roadblocks and delays that keep most launches from happening and from being successful right away. You’ll be surprised at “The ONE” ... that single problem solving ability you have that was sitting there all the time and what happens when you tell the world in this powerful and unique way.

Gain full access to the problem solving genius inside you and turn your greatest obstacles into the source of your greatest success this year! This training brings you the essentials you need with precision clarity, so you can become the leader and the cheif executive of your business and life and build a business that is truly irresistible to you and to your clients!

Getting What You Want (For Men)– The King’s Calling™

Men are programmed to go after “Having it all”, but our nature causes us to throw our lives out of balance and to cause our business, wife and kids and body to suffer in the process. This seminar provides each man an easy to understand code to map out the life and business he wants to build and to systematically discipline, inspire and activate himself to create it EVERY day!

  • The 8 Radical Shifts™ – 72 hours of intense life change action in the 5 core forces - (Mind, Body, Spirit, Center, Empire)
  • The TRUTH Session™ – Facing the Façade to Build the Kingdom
  • Awakening the King™ – Daily ritual creation in support of constant growth
  • The King’s Empire™ – The critical components of building a strong, sustainable and Mission-driven business empire – in alignment with your values and the key needs of your wife, partner and children.

Getting What You Want (For All) – Ultimate Thriving Life™

(Mind, Body, Spirit, Center, Empire)

There are 7 pillars of true wealth™ and to access them you must know how to utilize your own ability to influence yourself and then others. During this high-powered seminar presentation, the entire audience will be exposed to their own innate needs and further explore how they are consciously and unconsciously fulfilling them or not. With this new insight, they will begin to make decisions that will change how they view their life forever. We all have the same amount of time each day and week and it’s in those moments we get to choose what we would love. This seminar will provide the tools so everyone can become adept at making those choices in the moments that matter.

  • One Focus Power System™ – Support system for time and energy management, turning an everything list of to dos into a singular project and daily supportive rituals.
  • The 7 Pillars of True Wealth™ Training – Training and checklist for everyone who attends
  • The Gifts Formula® - The Identity and Results Creation System – featuring the 5 criteria for your ultimate work

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