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As humans, we live our lives from a place of habitual engagement nearly 95% of the time – thereby limiting our own behavioral control and ability to create the results we want in how we feel and become fulfilled in the core areas of life and business. Nate’s lifetime of study on these topics and experience and struggles on his way to his current success as an entrepreneur, speaker, peak performance coach and business mentor have cultivated in him the skills necessary to speak to your team or organization on these topics from a deeply meaningful and inspirational place. Nate’s unique ability to help people become intensely deliberate in how they strategically sacrifice good experiences in their life, so they can become great at getting what they truly want and what matters as they pursue their own personal quests.

The FRUSTRATING TRUTH: Most business leaders are great in 1 or 2 areas of their life and struggling or worse SETTLING in the others and they are willing to argue about it - sharing how great they are at discipline or being organized or sales or working out... but, when the truth comes out, they realize that the pendulum keeps swinging too far and they do have some real frustration about the results they are getting in the 5 areas of life that matter... HUGE FRUSTRATION... they just don't know where to push or what to do about it. There are serious consequences that WILL cause you and those you love to suffer when you don’t know how to be DELIBERATE in your SACRIFICE.  That's where I come in with the 8 Radical Shifts Program.  The goal isn't balance or to have it all... it's to be deliberate about being out of balance and to sacrifice in a sustainable and exciting - even rewarding way - that overcomes fear and creates courage and sustainable change. That’s how you discover where to push so you can ignite your body, your business and your marriage – creating sustainable success in your life!

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Are you looking to jumpstart the attention, energy and appreciation for your next event experience? Nate brings his decades of insight to bear on every event experience he creates.   Nate would love to engage with you and your event audience in order to serve you and create the impact you desire most. Expect a unique, powerful, emotional and inspiring experience – all customized to your precise time frame, objectives, location and level of interaction.

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