Nate’s Mission

Nate Marg Peru

There's a new and exciting way to REVITALIZE YOUR BUSINESS!
There are so many top level, just brilliant minds who've seen over the mountain already...
Let me show you how by plugging them in your sales, profits and products takeoff!

“There are 2 ways to think - the first is to ask, "how am I going to get some new clients and grow?” and the other is to ask, "When I'm serving dozens or hundreds (insert your # here) of clients each week, what do I need to put in place to give them the experience of a lifetime?" ... which are you asking? What would change?

-Nate Lindquist

His story of transformation is electrifying …

  • Untitled 1Started in business as a cartoonist at 16 years old
  • Revitalized and offered graphic design services
  • Revitalized and expanded into promotional and media  brokering
  • Revitalized and opened a sign company and video studio
  • Revitalized into a full service design & advertising firm [Varuna Design & Advertising]
  • Revitalized into a growth strategy and marketing firm (Innerspire® Marketing)
  • Expanded into a full service "new media" web design service and opened an illustration business and 3D animation studio [InnerCreature™]
  • Crashed down - stagnant business - something needs to change - loses 7 figures fast (money gone), 50 lbs overweight, unhappy, stuck, numb... anxiety attacks
  • Awakening - Total new way of thinking... massive breakthrough in one night of awakening - The GIFTS® Formula is born - and The Revitalized Business Checklist™
  • Revitalized and optimized into a contract CEO, which became The Minimalist CEO™ - while helping over 129 businesses launch [Innerspire®, Inc.]
  • Revitalized, creating contract teams globally and started launching other people's businesses with world-class experts
  • Launched online training and seminar event programs - Ultimate Thriving Life, FlipChick Wealth Academy, The Minimalist CEO

What matters to Nate?

With regard to this business, It matters when businesses are stagnant (because there's a way to fix this!) and it's awesome to know that after experiencing that problem myself and the devastating impact it has had on my life, I can help people turn their businesses around and revitalize their products, profits and partnerships with confidence.  It's not always easy and not everyone's ready to make the changes needed to overcome years of their business getting stale... But, who said it would be and I absolutely LOVE the work!  Bringing amazing talent into the mix of my client's businesses has also proved super rewarding. Wow! I've become connected with some of the most intensely effective business makers  - guys and gals who really know how to make things happen... and it's humbling that they've been willing to work with me as often as they have.  We have a lot of fun working together, and that matters a lot to me and the people I spend most of my time with.

My wife is my #1, who inspires me beyond belief and as my partner on this journey, get's my attention first. My kids are amazing and I absolutely love them and being their Dad.  We love being together and wow do we make the time count!  God is great and has so many messages for me that I'm learning to hear and incorporate into my life (after ignoring them for decades - ouch!).  The little orphanage my wife built and that we support for abused little girls in Peru - these little lives are beautiful and inspiring as well. I'm grateful to remember how important it is to get off my knees, grab my bootstraps, and take massive action regardless of what circumstances, limitations or others are telling me or showing me - because anything is possible.  I've made lots of mistakes and I still do and I'm grateful for those as well.  That's the beauty of my work - of everybody's work.  Our mistakes and challenges are a sure sign that we're moving forward.   They've given us all the opportunity to grow, change and overcome - if we explore, decide and then SHIFT, we can change and I love that!  Life can get pretty tricky, so I've found that by writing it down, noticing what doesn't work and then going after my goals, the results have been amazing.

My Promise To You
If we meet, I care about you and your journey whether we do business together or not.  Also, that by shining a light back onto your business and renewing your focus on creating real and valuable products and services, that solve problems people are desperate to solve - You'll be doing something most other businesses aren't doing and it will revitalize your business in ways you can't even imagine.  Marketing comes second to focusing on what is essential ... creating real value.  That's the Minimalist CEO Way!

Some key clients have included


Dozens of CEO’s, 100+ Small Business Owners, FlipChick Wealth Academy – and hundreds of private real estate investors, Velcro USA, Cabot Creamery, ABC (The American Broadcasting Corporation), Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes International’s “Business Breakthrough International” – Russo’s On The Bay Training Events … and more.

Background & Experience Snapshot

  • Nate started building businesses in 1991 at the age of 16.
  • He can be found speaking to CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners all around the United States on topics including "Revitalizing your business", "Product and Service Optimization" and "Creating New Revenue Streams"
  • Nate’s the author of “The Excuse Removal Blueprint” – a powerful book that guides the reader step-by-step through overcoming any obstacle - literally turning their biggest roadblocks into their Launchpad for success!
  • He has personally trained under Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes (Business Breakthrough International), Joseph McClendon III, Eben Pagan, Chad Cooper, Lee McIntyre and Trisha Ahlman – some of the top coaches in the world in business and life performance and has been certified by the Wealth Mastery, Life-Mastery, E-myth Mastery and The Ultimate Business Mastery Programs and has attended dozens of seminars, trainings while studying personal growth and business development obsessively since his early teens.
  • Nate has lead over 100 small to medium sized business launches and has founded and run successful businesses, including his marketing and growth consulting firm that he ran for nearly 2 decades.
  • He’s launched 11 non-profit programs, raising millions of dollars in support and in-kind services for those in need – with a focus on women and children. (Babies with Babies, It's my story, Unite Build Change, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Fuel It Forward and We Build It Foward  - to name a few) - many of which are still in operation today as annual charity events!
  • He’s lead dozens of multi-million dollar businesses as a contract CEO and Chief growth strategist, creating exceptional growth and a culture of giving, service and transformation in the process.


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