Friday, 20 May 2016 21:23

Genius Freedom System

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What People are Saying About Nate

Working with Nate has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about the value we truly add for our clients – thereby leaving our competition to do nothing but wish they found Nate first.

David V.

In the first week I completed the 8 radical shifts Training and was able to reduce my schedule by 15 hours per week – and I got this done with focused effort of only 30 minutes per day!

Sam Khabab

The turnaround for our company has been tremendous. Everyone that works here lots more energy and purpose in their lives and are they are attaining a higher goal than just being in the job.

Putnam Fuel Company, Inc.

Working with Nate as a results coach has definitely helped me personally identify what I want to get out my work and my life. We identified what love to do, what makes us different from other companies, and Nate helped us achieve growth by making very specific, even RADICAL shifts – moving from 22% negative growth to nearly 30% growth over a year

J. Miles

“Nate has helped by giving me the tools making it okay to focus on one thing, and then when you're focusing on that one thing, the stress, the overwhelm, they just go away. With a clean slate, I’ve launched a new business and … it’s working!”

Janelle Ellyse

My business just wasn’t fulfilling anymore, I felt trapped, but since working with Nate Lindquist that’s all changed. I’m living my dream life and growing my dream business. I’ve re-launched!

Cathy Leer