Just like much of the world, I've experienced a mix of gratitude and frustration... even SELF LOATHING recently.While taking an inventory of what matters to me and how I actually demonstrated it in 2016, my performance has been... err... less than stellar in some very key areas.

Analysis to paralysis would be a strong description of my most recent project's launch.  It would be great to blame my perfectionism... but frankly, due to the nature of the project - I've been bombarded subconsciously by a small thread of self doubt... which is great for me now, because I was able to use my "proof of product blueprint" to eradicate the doubt in just one day of effort.  (I'll be sharing a case study on this soon, so check for it if you like) *note: I'm going to share my experiments at the end of this message, but first I want to set the stage so you can think about joining me in the process! C'mon, it'll be fun!  We can compare notes and even hold each other accountable.

Ok, back to my self reflection-ish, criticism stuff...

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