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This site and my work is dedicated to all the hard working, visionary, passionate and life-loving business owners who are looking for that one tip, idea or bit of inspiration to move them into taking life-changing action to live the life they love, work anywhere and serve the world with their amazing gifts and abilities to create.  Building, running and growing a business isn’t always easy - and actually, sometimes it can be dowright challenging!  And, that’s the good news!  Without challenge and frustration, we’ll never grow.  I’m here to help you get your next breakthrough!

My passion is to serve you and after 25 years in business myself, I’ll share many mistakes, lessons and distinctions well worth learning.  Let’s get your mind and your mechanics on track for success and incredible results!  And, let’s get you out of the office and into the world!

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Nate Lindquist

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