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Terms and Conditions

The Minimalist CEO™ Coaching & Mentor Program

An Agreement By Innerspire, LLC – An Education Company

Terms and conditions of participation in Events, Programs and/or Retreats

This agreement applies to all events, coaching programs, mentor programs, trainings and classes offered by Innerspire, LLC or any of it's branded programs. These may include, but are not limited to FlipChick Wealth Academy, FlipChick Coaching, The Minimalist CEO, Genius Freedom System, Journey Power, or any other program offered now or in the future.

Dear Visitor, Client of any of Innerspire, LLC (and affiliates and assigns) services or Site User,

Congratulations on choosing to step up, Share your GIFTS® and take your life and business to the next level. From more personal free time and fulfillment from your work, to renewed passion for your role in your company and powerful accountability to push you to breakthroughs and new success - we’re excited to be your coach/mentor on this adventure and look forward to guiding you through your chosen Innerspire, LLC coaching program™ for seeking out ongoing success as you determine areas where you’d like to break-through and how best to get there using our training and mentoring programs and of course your own initiative, hard work and dedication. Let’s get started by clearly outlining the terms of our relationship when you work with or participate in any manner with Innerspire, LLC "The Company" or any of our affiliates and assigns. Please note that this program has been created to provide value for many different levels or needs of the business or individual. We may change the nature of our product offering at events or during online product launches or trainings. Coaching sessions may be combined with growth consulting mentoring sessions and may include other coaching clients at the coach’s discretion. Please review any registration forms and agreements for which this document will be considered the binding "parent" agreement and addendum that must be agreed to before any work will commence or before participation in any event will be permitted.  If you do not agree to these terms, please do not enroll in our programs, compensate our firm for services, participate in any of our events or utilize any of our content.

If you sign up for coaching or mentoring services which are agreed to as monthly coaching, we offer our

"Worry free commitment" terms that allow you to control the duration of your program. After your initial 12-month term (or other term agreed to), this agreement automatically renews for another 12 months as do any fees unless you decide to discontinue by providing a written notice of intent to cancel at least 60−days prior to the start of each subsequent 12-month session.  No services will be provided after the first 12-month term (or other term agreed to) if further payments aren't made or processed from the client by Innerspire, LLC as part of your extended service, class or program.   Also, note that some of our programs are only offered for shorter terms of 90 days and 6 months as referenced in your registration, sign up form or letter of agreement and such term would be considered the limitation of your access to the course.  If you have signed up for any training, coaching or mentoring package, the term of each course will be offered for 12 months (or other term agreed to) and  (special arrangements may be made in advance and in writing if approved by Innerspire, LLC) Some programs offer different price points and terms. Please note that programs you register for may be considered “other services” and will have additional parameters or scopes of work as noted in their documentation. Please request any further details or clarification if you need them before commencing with any Project or Program.  Also note that by continuing to use coaching or mentoring in any program or project by Innerspire, LLC, Nate Lindquist (as a coach or mentor) or any of our team members or online programs automatically assumes you agree to these terms and conditions as noted herein, regardless of any other assumptions you may have made on your part.

Our job is to share what we've learned about business, life transformation, leadership and marketing to help get you there, but ultimately, your results are and will always be your own responsibility.


A1: Access:

You may at times have access to a variety of additional resources as they are put in place, which may include our online training website(s), a blog or mastermind forum or other e-mail correspondence, templates, tools or guides – when made available, among other great online or offline tools, as well as other Innerspire performance support products.  Innerspire, LLC reserves the right to change, edit or reduce the scope of any coure material as provided online, via coaching/mentoring calls or via online course material.  The client is responsible to take his/her own notes and to take action based on the coaching.

A2: You agree to be dedicated:

Devote the necessary time and energy to obtain optimal results for your business, which includes strategizing, testing, and implementing systems into your business through your efforts and that of your staff (if applicable). There will be work to be done and progress only comes from establishing a clear vision and direction and then focused effort in that direction. Please note that this is NOT a course in positive thinking. Although a positive attitude is critical, focused and well-planned action is priority one. You MUST take action for coaching and/or mentoring to work for you.  This means that it is ultimately your responsibility to choose your services, sell them, promote them or actively create the success of your business.

A3: Working with your coach:

If your program includes coaching or mentoring sessions (see Appendix A.), they will be scheduled with you by your coach or mentor. He/she will suggest times and days for sessions and or correspondence. Please be aware that your coach may not respond to extensive e-mails, texts or other unless such items have been expressly requested or permitted by your coach in the working relationship. Due to the format and approach of Innerspire’s coaching or training programs, the burden of planning, action and execution of client related work will rest on the client. Please note that your coach is not an on call service. The coach is in place to guide, coach and mentor where appropriate – but not to execute planning or strategic work actions such as building plans, crafting tag-lines or otherwise producing consultative materials unless this is expressly outlined in your registration form or services agreement in detail - and agreed to in writing by both parties with a timeline or target timeline (when possible) and a fee for the services. You agree to adhere to your coach’s recommendations with regard to your action steps only in that you are prepared to take full responsibility for your actions under such advisement. All of our programs carry with them inherent risks, meaning that you choose your own actions and they are not the final decisions of your coach, mentor or teacher/trainer at any time.

Attend coaching meetings as scheduled with your coach and only reschedule in urgent situations so that progress can be made in your program. You may request another meeting time with at least 48 hours notice in writing via e-mail so as not to forfeit the session, but the ability to schedule the time of your choosing is always subject to availability and timing and therefore may require you to wait until your next scheduled or a newly scheduled coaching date. If you should choose to cancel a meeting within 24 hours of your coaching session (via e-mail and in writing), the session may be forfeit excluding emergencies and non-repeat issues at Innerspire’s discretion. At times your coach may need to reschedule and he/she will do his/her best to give you, the client ample notice – within a day or more when possible. Some coaches may be more accommodating of rescheduling then others, but it is not required. Please correspond with your coach via e-mail to ensure a careful and complete review of a need for cancellation or any other correspondence. If rescheduling does become necessary, the session will be added to the week following completion of your current term of coaching services unless other “special arrangements” are agreed to by your coach and by Innerspire in advance and in writing. Again, after repeated missed sessions, you may forfeit that session after 2 if prior arrangements aren’t made. Your coach will spend a significant amount of time preparing for each session and a cancellation is a disruption in their schedule and also in your program’s momentum that should be avoided whenever possible, for you to gain maximum benefit from this process. If your coach should have a need to reschedule your appointment it will be only for emergency or pressing family or business situations and you will be notified as soon as possible. Also, note that your coach travels extensively and schedules obligations to meet each travel requirement. During travel times in the air or at a seminar, communication may be limited for a day or two as necessary. For any 4-day or 1-week seminars or coach/mentor travel, the client will be notified in advance as to the coach’s limited availability during the high intensity seminar event or other travel where he/she may have limited access to provide calls or services.  Again, not all clients will have access to a coach/mentor or Nate Lindquist and unless guaranteed by The Company in formal written correspondence that is signed and dated by both parties.

Please make payments on time for any of your Innerspire, LLC Programs or other coaching products or business growth systems programs according to the payment option selected in this Agreement and/or as noted below under “chosen program and scope” in an addendum or registration form or as outlined in your separate Program Registration or event/program enrollment Form(s).

This document has been provided for all new clients who enroll in our products, services or event programs. A printed copy may be requested by our clients at any time upon request for your records.  We also provide a version of this agreement online to provide complete transparency in how we deliver our services.  Please note that at the time of signing agreements or contracts for any of our services, or at the time of choosing to participate in any of our services, you must also agree to the terms of this agreement - without exception.

IMPORTANT: Read carefully before accessing or using Innerspire, LLC, Nate Lindquist or any affiliates or assigns’ (AKA: To be referenced in this document as: “The Company”] proprietary systems, training, workshops, coaching or mentoring systems, materials, guidance or education programs, audio and/or visual presentations and programs associated with The Company. By accessing or using the programs, you acknowledge that:


  1. You have read this agreement
  2. You understand it, and
  3. You accept and agree to be bound by its terms.



WHEREAS, INNERSPIRE, LLC is engaged in this business of coaching/mentoring and training services; and

WHEREAS, YOU desire to engage INNERSPIRE, LLC (“The Company”) to provide coaching, mentoring and/or training services to YOU in the form of group web training, audio and/or visual presentations and periodic coaching over phone or other remote method such as Skype or similar, as well as possible evaluation of progress;

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Programs: Under the terms of this Agreement, Innerspire, LLC agrees to provide personal and business related coaching, mentoring or training to YOU in the form of online group coaching, audio and/or visual presentations, and periodic personal and business coaching and evaluation “Program(s)” in exchange for a program and/or project fee. Program or project fees will be determined according to paragraph 1.2

1.1.2 Term: The Term of this Agreement will commence up YOUR acceptance of this Agreement and payment of the applicable Program Fee. YOU agree and understand that upon commencement of the Term of this Agreement, you will become enrolled in the monthly “The Minimalist CEO™” Coaching & Mentor Program or a similar program such as The Genius Freedom System or a similar coaching mentor program provided to you for enrollment.  Although the names of the program may vary, any program, training or mentoring offered by Innerspire, LLC or Nate Lindquist will be considered subject to this agreement and all its terms and conditions as noted in this document.   If you have already signed a registration form and agreed to the required agreement at that time, this agreement will be considered an update of that agreement, although any or client’s (YOU) or (YOUR) commitments to previous agreements will remain active.  If during any 30 day period you access this document and no longer agree to be bound by its terms, you may choose to discontinue using the Innerspire, LLC services as provided by any affiliates and assigns with notice in writing.  All fees due will remain due regardless of your inability to pay, lack of desire to continue using the services or attending the coaching.

1.1.3. Termination & Term: Innerspire, LLC may terminate this Agreement at any time in its discretion upon notice to YOU to Confidentiality in perpetuity.  Also, for any clients who enroll in a coaching or mentor program, but don't actively participate or demonstrate consistent progress in the training or mentoring activities or calls with the coach or mentor consistently for a period of at least 60 days, Innerspire, LLC  may automatically terminate any contracted services after 12 months from commencement of said agreement, with no further deliverable work due to the client and no notice to the client required for such termination.   "don't actively participate in the training or demonstrate consistent progress in the training or mentoring activities or calls with the coach or mentor" means that the client doesn't take actions with the coach to create their own successful results and/or demonstrate active responses to coaching calls, scheduling requests, requests for clarification by the coach/mentor or for more information or correspondence with the coach or mentor demonstrating a desire to proceed with the coaching or mentoring.  Also, if coaching client doesn't actively request to proceed with the coaching mentoring via e-mail or written request - or repeatedly doesn't respond to phone messages.  It is at Innerspire, LLC's discretion if a client's behavior demonstrates a lack of ability or interest in actively utilizing the coacing/mentor or project related services. Innerspire, LLC's active reaching out, calling, providing mentoring or services beyond this cancellation period doesn't require that Innerspire, LLC continue to provide such services and does not in any manner mean that a client's agreement or agreements for services has been or will be re-instated.  Many clients begin programs with the intention of following through and do not actively do so, so this termination clause is critical to maintain the viability of the company and to serve those who are active.  If at any time a client whose contract has been terminated believes that said contract has been cancelled in error, that client must provide proof that they have formally and in writing reached out to Innerspire, LLC to attempt to move forward and that their requests have not been responded to by Innerspire, LLC or their coach or mentor.  Such documentation must consistent of some certified mail signed by an officer of Innerspire, LLC.  If coach or mentor of Innerspire, LLC can verify multiple e-mails, text messages or phone messages have gone unresponded to, such evidence provided by the mentor, coach or company officer is sufficient to terminate, regardless of any other documentation.  Any reinstatement of services or agreements is at the sole discretion of Innerspire, LLC.  At no time in any program offered by The Company will the Company offer or be required to offer deliverable items, done for you projects, design work or any other services beyond 12 months after they were contracted unless the company and the client have formally agreed to such additional deliverables in writing and additional compensation has been made to support such deliverables. 

1.2. Coaching & Mentor Program Fees & Payments on Account: By accepting the terms of this agreement YOU agree and understand that you are committing to pay Innerspire, LLC eitherA project fee for a specific project deliverable - it is the client's responsibility to ask for further detail of deliverables if the details provided in any agreement aren't sufficient to the client. If such details haven't been to the client's satisfaction, Innerspire, LLC may deliver it's services for said project within it's discretion based on what Innerspire, LLC considers reasonable at the Company's own discretion. 

  1. Payments for agreed upon services based fees for time and materials and an agreed upon rate or fee for this service(s)
  2. A monthly Program payment (that will be billed automatically by the company) when the client approves payments on account
  3. A combination of the above as noted in Appendix A or in any addendum to this agreement noted and referenced as “Addendum to The Minimalist CEO Coaching & Mentor Program Agreement”. Client agrees that automatic billing is approved provided the client agrees in advance to the charges either verbally or in writing.

For monthly payment fee, YOU (the client) will pay on the first of each month. For other services A,B or D an invoice will be provided to client for the given service or product fee. All fees for The Company’s products or online or offline offered services are payable in US dollars only, net of any fees charged by your bank. Non−US Clients agree to cover any non−US customs' fees, duties, taxes, telephone charges, or other costs related to participation in this program.

Your nonpayment does not constitute notice of cancellation/modification, and if you fail to make payment to us pursuant to this Agreement, we are entitled to immediately interrupt our obligations under this Agreement until your account becomes current. Such interruption does not absolve you from the responsibilities of this Agreement. 

The client agrees to make payment immediately after receipt of the invoice or at the time that the client signs any registration or services agreements and any non-payment during any term of service which requires a collection effort on the part of Innerspire, LLC or a third party firm on behalf of Innerspire, LLC which results in additional costs or fees incurred by Innerspire, LLC will entitle Innerspire, LLC to be repaid all such fees by the client and will require client to make complete repayment of any of such fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees and any late fees, administrative fees of up to $200/month or interest fees not to exceed those permissible by law. I understand that because Innerspire, LLC is committed to your highest potential there is no refund and no quitting policy for this program. Any chargebacks requested or implemented by a client or by the client’s credit card company will not be permitted or paid or approved at any time. All clients are bound by this agreement and the program “registration form” for any INNERSPIRE, LLC program they’ve signed up for. If such chargebacks are made by the client or the client’s credit card company, any such fees and related fees or costs will be subject to a full re-payment by the client and also repayment of any fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Payments on Account: The client will provide and keep updated a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover) for the use of Innerspire, LLC for any purchases to be secured with client’s approval for any services they choose to put “on account”. Any monthly service fees will be charged based on noted terms (see Appendix A.) on either the first or the 15th (or as near to these dates as possible) of the month, depending on commencement of this agreement. The client may be notified by Innerspire, LLC if such fees are declined for the card on file and the client agrees to immediate remedy of such declined charges by providing an alternative credit card where the charges can be processed. All payments to Innerspire, LLC will be made via “On Account” credit or debit card unless other agreements have been made in writing prior to the payment being made. All clients must maintain a valid credit card on file with Innerspire, LLC. Innerspire, LLC agrees to save client’s credit card information in a PCI compliant, secure Merchant service account so as to maintain the highest in security. Our company uses "Square" currently to secure the payments of our clients with the highest standards and any client credit card slips or receipts that are retained for subscriptions or other programs are locked in a secure safety deposit lock box off-site from our facility or are immediately destroyed after processed with our bank and not stored at the Innerspire, LLC offices in any case.   It is the client's responsibility to keep track of any expenses charged to their account by Innerspire, LLC and at no time will Innerspire, LLC be responsible to send duplicate receipts or statements during a client's year-end or book-keeping efforts.  All charges by Innerspire, LLC are noted as the same at the time of billing on the client's credit card statement.  Due to logistics and administrative fees if a client has a question about a given billing amount or "charge", such question must be submitted in writing within 45 days of the billing date with specific time and date of the charge and Innerspire, LLC will provide details of the purpose or services that such transaciton has paid for.

Disclaimer: Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. We do NOT guarantee the results of advertising or that sales or leads will happen with your campaign or program. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. As I'm sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

Use of Third Parties:  At times Innerspire, LLC accesses training, guidance and even development support from third parties and the client agrees to trust his/her mentor, coach or Innerspire, LLC to offer services via these third parties.  The intention of Innerspire, LLC in accessing or utilizing these third party team members or service providers is to help the client reach his or her goals.  The client may at any time choose to request that Innerspire no longer provide services through any third parties.  At such time, Innerspire, LLC is not obligated to contract another service provider for the client for the services.  Also, Innerspire, LLC has clear terms that limit liability and the same terms extend to use of any third party service providers, coaches or even mentors or other services that Innerspire, LLC may choose to enlist for services on behalf of the client.  Please see 2.2. Limited Liability for further clarification on limitation of liability.

Additional Services or Fees Note: any additional marketing or support services will be quoted additionally as needed and are not included in coaching, event or mentoring fees – and such items may include fees for software, advertising management or other non-coaching related fees. Any ongoing coaching fee may be re-negotiated by Innerspire after 12 months or at any time otherwise approved by the client based on services that may be added and therefore may at some future time become inclusive in the agreement.


1.3. Omitted

1.4. No Refunds: INNERSPIRE, LLC abides by a strict, no refund policy. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, YOU agree and understand that you are foregoing the right to claim any refund of fees paid for access to and use of the Programs offered by INNERSPIRE, LLC. YOU further acknowledge that in accepting the terms of this agreement and affirmatively seeking and accessing any and all benefits of and membership in such Program(s), YOU are taking full responsibility for YOUR OWN success. This, YOU agree to - that you will not request a refund or attempt a chargeback of fees by your payment credit card or similar financial service. You are accessing the experience of your coach and mentor and in doing so take at the risk of your decision to do so - and must therefore attend your course during the time that your course is being offered to you and others who are in the course. Your coach and mentor will be investing his/her time, energy, planning and program development time and delivery in order to help you reach your goals. Your choice, as with any choice to work with a coach or mentor is at your own free will and discretion.  Let it be known that considerable costs are incurred by the Company to deliver all services during each program offering and such costs involve delivery of services to multiple clients during the same term as your services are being offered. 

2.1. Success not guaranteed: By accepting the terms of this Agreement, YOU agree and understand that INNERSPIRE, LLC provides Program(s) related to business coaching, development and related personal or business strategy only and guarantees no specific results. YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own success.  It is fully the client's responsibility to close business, make sales and generate revenue in the client's business.  At no time will Innerspire, LLC be responsible for converting lists, leads or inquiries into actual revenue generating sales.

2.2. Limited Liability: In no event will INNERSPIRE, LLC be liable to YOU or any party related to you for any damages, including damages for loss of business profits or other pecuniary loss, whether under a theory of contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) products liability or otherwise, even if INNERSPIRE, LLC has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Limitations herein described shall be applied to the greatest extent enforceable under applicable law.  At no time will Innerspire, LLC or any of it's third party contractors or providers be liable for their work on client's project or their advice, guidance or work as it relates to the clients project, coaching or mentoring.  At no time will the Company be responsible or liable for a student, client or purchaser of said services for not participating in the program at the time it is offered.


Section 3: Confidentiality

3.1. Confidentiality: Only authorized users, who have duly attained access to any Programs offered by INNERSPIRE, LLC by personally agreeing to the terms of this Agreement are permitted use and participate with such Programs and/or Projects. Except as expressly authorized by this agreement, YOU shall not provide or make available any Documentation, Video, Audio, or any login member credentials to any third party, or use the Documentation, Video, Audio or any login member credentials to teach any third party, or otherwise disclose information revealed in any portion of the Programs (or Projects) for any purpose other than existing rights expressly granted to you by this Agreement. Parties must notify and gain approval from other party in advance and in writing prior to ANY recording being commenced of videos, chats, onscreen presentations or conversations and related services. One exception to this rule is that YOU agree in advance and understand that all group webinars or group coaching calls are recorded and may be redistributed as support or even primary training content by INNERSPIRE, LLC in any of our programs or during any of our events, public or private. You also agree that INNERSPIRE, LLC owns all rights to such audio/video or both recordings and you release INNERSPIRE, LLC from any obligations, liability or expectation of payment of commissions to YOU in the form of royalties or other fees at any time, ever.

At no time will Innerspire, LLC be required to disclose the status of, termination of, scope of work of, fees paid to or for, hiring of or any specific itemized details related to third party relationships or even the specific nature of terms, work requirements or expectations that Innerspire, LLC may have with such contractors or vendors or third party service providers.  Innerspire, LLC does work with contractors to help further the goals of the client and the client understands the risk that the client assumes in allowing Innerspire, LLC to work with such thirdy party contracted service providers.  Innerspire, LLC may at its discretion provide summary information as to the role of such contractors of vendors with a goal of helping the contractor understand in general terms what support that contractor may be providing.

3.2 Intellectual Property: YOU acknowledge that any Audio and/or Visual Presentations, Documentation, and other elements of The Company’s training programs are the sole Intellectual Property of INNERSPIRE, LLC and Nate Lindquist, under United States copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws and international treaties. By participating in the same you grant INNERSPIRE, LLC full usage, copyright and permission to use your voice, image or likeness in our training programs or re-presentations at anytime if and when you attend events, webinars or other group recorded training activities. No private one on one trainings with YOU alone will be re-broadcast or shared in any way without YOUR express approval. YOU further acknowledge and agree that, as between YOU and INNERSPIRE, LLC and its third party licensors own and shall continue to own all right, title, and interest in and to the Audio and/or Visual Presentations, Documentation, and other elements of the training, online or webinar system, including all associated intellectual property rights under copyright, trade secret, patent, or trademark laws. Except for the limited, revocable license expressly granted to you herein, this agreement does not grant you an ownership or other right or interest in or to the Audio and/or Visual Presentations, Documentation, and other elements of the online training or Webinar system(s), or any other intellectual property, rights of INNERSPIRE, LLC, whether by implication, estoppel, or otherwise. Any and all trademarks or service marks that INNERSPIRE, LLC uses in connection with services rendered by INNERSPIRE, LLC are marks owned by INNERSPIRE, LLC. This Agreement does not grant you any right, license, or interest in such marks, and you shall not assert any right, license, or interest in such marks or any other words or designs that are confusingly similar to such marks.


SECTION 4: Miscellaneous

4.1. Non transferability: The rights and obligations under this agreement are personal to YOU. YOU may not assign or transfer any rights or obligations under this Agreement.

4.2. Indemnification: YOU will, at your own expense, defend, indemnify, and hold INNERSPIRE, LLC, its agents, and employees harmless from any and all claims, actions, liabilities, injuries, damages, losses, grants, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or in conjunction with any use of the Program(s) of this Agreement.

4.3. Integration: This agreement, along with any additional terms or policies incorporated herein by reference, represents the ENTIRE Agreement between YOU and INNERSPIRE, LLC concerning the Program, and this Agreement supersedes and replaces any prior proposal, representation, or understanding YOU may have had with INNERSPIRE, LLC relating to the Program, whether oral or written. If any part of this agreement shall be deemed unenforceable by law, the remaining elements of this agreement shall remain in full force.

4.4. Ammendment: INNERSPIRE, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend this Agreement from time to time by posting an updated version of the Agreement at without notice or approval of you, the client. And, This Agreement is binding between you and Innerspire, LLC  as soon as you choose to do business with Innerspire, LLC as it pertains to any business program you choose to enroll in, agree to, participate in, such as but not limited to business coaching, personal coaching, mentoring, event participation and other related services Innerspire, LLC and mentoring related services and/or related training.  It is also binding when you choose to access and utilize any of our website content.  Please check this agreement for updates or edits by reading it in full at any time you are working with Innerspire, LLC on an active agreement or agreeing to a new project, coaching, mentoring or services as Innerspire, LLC is not obligated to notify you of any changes other than posting them here.  If you no longer agree to the terms, please notify Innerspire, LLC in written format by certified mail to address noted in 4.5 Governing Law section of this agreement and that will be considered your notice to terminate the agreement as per above guidelines for termination.  All terms and conditions of termination still apply as noted above in Termination section upon the time of confirmed and signed receipt of said written termination to Innerspire, LLC.  Verbal, e-mail, text or phone call termination is not considered an acceptable method of notification by the client to Innerspire, LLC.

4.5 Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Illinois. The venue for any dispute shall be in Kane County.  As of January 1st, 2016, any correspondence to said company should be mailed to our mailing address: Innerspire, LLC POBOX 5670, Elgin, Illinois, 60121

By using this site or by purchasing a program from Nate Lindquist, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to ALL of the aforementioned terms, including those related to program fees, automatic monthly billing, strict no refund policy, and confidentiality.




Friday, 20 May 2016 21:23

Genius Freedom System

Coming Soon

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 14:44

Congratulations on taking ACTION!

We’ve received your truth call form and now you’ll be contacted to get our session scheduled quickly.

During our call we’ll …

  1. Work together to create a crystal clear vision for the kind of lifestyle you’d like to create and the high value business opportunities you’d like to attract
  2. You’ll uncover hidden obstacles and distractions that may be sabotaging your profits and your freedom
  3. And, you’ll leave the session inspired, reenergized and empowered to actively CHOOSE the work you love in a way that creates your freedom and accesses your hidden genius
    Let’s have some fun and discover your BIG life and business shift!

Nate & The Minimalist CEO team

Sunday, 15 May 2016 21:20


When I started in business I was 16 years old and at that time, I didn't have a coach.  What I had were resources, audio tapes and books all around me that pointed to the strategies and techniques for creating a life and business you love and I studied these with a fervor beyond almost anything else. They inspired me so much that I often stayed up all night studying Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar (started when I was 6!), Dennis Waitley, Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins... (the list goes on).  I had a huge attraction to learning personal and business growth, success psychology and coaching.  I loved asking tough questions, searching for the obvious or not so obvious answers and helping others take consistent steps toward their goals.  It's incredibly inspiring to me to create action plans and then actually schedule and take the actions!  And by working with clients to do this it's really changed their lives.  It sounds basic.. because it is.  But, it's my genius and it was hidden behind my early business success (and plenty of failure and frustration) for years... I wouldn't say it was the WRONG business... but it was a stop I settled into for many years.  And, I forgot to keep growing... until (well, hear my story here).

Sometimes we all settle.. because an early business win has its perks.  Great money, accolades attention from others... the works.
But, what's missing is that we all have a calling and until we grow toward that, we can never be totally fulfilled in life.
And, without the awareness of all areas of your life and how they can support (must support) each other... failure is inevitable in some severe way.
(I certainly had mine... but I've had my come back and you can too!)

Let me back up a bit...  When I started making my way (and money) in life, it didn't take long for me to move from the "J.O.B. - or JUST OVER BROKE" version of life to a self-employed... TOTALLY BROKE version.  Then, in time and with many lessons from the school of hard-knocks, trial and error and from a few caring and inspiring teachers, I learned how to create a business that paid me very well and did a strong job at serving others.  Just like you worked hard to start your business and created some success, you also had to learn the hard way at times.  Throughout my 41 years of life and about 26 of building businesses I was always hungry for the BIG ANSWERS and HUGE STRATEGIES that would help free me to be healthy, make a great living, giving me time and money freedom and allow me to travel and live the life adventure with my family.  

Breakthrough Success and Freedom Is About Fundamentals...
My lesson was this: 
It's the little things you do daily that make you win or lose.  It's the little lessons that most people (me included) dismiss to move on to the BIG ideas and CLEVER technology.  You don't get fit with one BIG EFFORT. You don't grow a business with a strong week of sales activity or by reading the first few pages of a business book.  You MUST be consistent and take constant action toward your VISION and CLEAR GOALS.  Coaching is a must!  The truth is, strategies are awesome and you need a few great ones to succeed.  But after that, less is more.  What you really need is peace, a huge burning desire to give and serve the world with the gifts you've been given and a willingness to walk through your fear toward your dreams.

It's the small and consistent habits of serving others, creating my own life and business standards and stepping up each day to create the story that I most want to live that has truly given me a life I love.  And, in the process, by carefully considering and committing to a set of values - including humility, honesty, making and keeping promises to not only others, but to myself, vulnerability, careful planning and taking consistent action while seeking to listen and understand, rather than to be right... I've discovered that everyone you'll ever meet has genius hidden within them.  Some use part of it, but few use all that it has to offer.

Coaching Programs:I've also learned that 90% of navigation is course correction.  Without my coaching, I'd still be sitting in a merger failure with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and a 206 pound, unhealthy body... But, at 165 pounds and with my debt free life and thriving business... I hand it all to hard, consistent work, faith in God and amazing coaches who helped me pick myself up when it seemed like nothing was going to help.  My coaches helped me let go of trying to do it all and helped me focus on my true GIFTS ... They showed me that by relentless and "pigheaded discipline" to say YES to focus and NO to lots of distractions, the most powerful version of me and my life could get out there and serve the world... building a life and business that I didn't even realize was possible.

Now, I see genius EVERYWHERE!
During my career as a coach and mentor, I've built online training programs focused on course correction, facing fear and removing excuses - I've helped struggling business owners ask better questions, look at the obvious and not-so-obvious distractions and delusions that are hiding their greatest opportunities for success in plain site.  Without a coach, I might complain that my business isn't growing, while I've completely ignored my amazing a caring client list!  Or, I may not have talked to a new prospect for months - or even made a new offer to the world!  
There is so much genius out there and we ALL HAVE GENIUS... By making some simple shifts in focus, gratitude and consistent daily action, we can all amaze ourselves... and coaches remind us that our greatness is a choice... a choice we can make NOW, TODAY, WITHOUT DELAY!

The current coaching program that I offer is called The GENIUS FREEDOM SYSTEM.
If you'd like to learn how to make your life irresistible and start earning what your genius is worth, not just what your history is worth, the best place to begin is with great coaching.
With this program I've given my all to share the small changes and some radical strategies that will unleash the genius that you and your business have hiding inside.
Let's face it... YOU DON'T JUST NEED MORE BUSINESS or SALES!  What you need is more of the right business, to do work that is IRRESISTIBLE (to you and your prospects)!
You want to thrive and be fully engaged with the life hours you spend doing your work!  And, when you are attracted to and LOVE what you do and you do it in the very special way that I teach, you're business will BOOM... even if you change 90% of what you do and how you do it! Why not?  I was scared as hell when I did it.  But, it works!
and... I'm THRILLED that I did.  Hear why! I share my story here.

Join my FREE ONLINE TRAINING and learn the exact 7 steps that I've used with dozens of happy clients, so you can:

  • Wakeup inspired and EXCITED about your work
  • Become so REAL and AUTHENTIC and CARING that people trust you and buy your valuable products and services
  • Create your non-salesy selling system that MAGNETIZES a constant flow of new business
  • Captivate your prospects you really want to help with small, but powerful shifts in your offer - including the "Can't Refuse Invitation" technique
  • Get off the "old way of trapping yourself in an office" type of business
  • Extract the maximum return from the hours you invest working on your business
  • Build your confidence with the IRRESISTIBLE PROOF BLUEPRINT to create certainty in yourself and your buyers
  • Become the ONLY option and THE AUTHORITY in your business offer, not just one of many
  • Craft your Freedom Lifestyle and TIME AND MONEY FREEDOM by focusing in on what makes your LIFE exciting and irresistible, healthy and exciting to you!
  • Get the appointment with the right client EVERY TIME, because you have the RAZER SHARP MESSAGING that conveys the GENIUS they want

Reserve your seat on the FREE TRAINING NOW!
"Make YOUR Business Irresistible (to you and your new clients!)"

It's important to note that I work with business owners who have already demonstrated a reasonable level of success in some fashion. They are dedicated, disciplined and focused on serving others and they have already sold products, services and have made a net positive difference in the lives of their clients.  If that's you, GREAT!  There is an application process if you do inquire about working with me, but the best place to begin is to attend my FREE TRAINING to "Make YOUR Business Irresistible (to you and your new clients!)"


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Hey everyone!  Thanks for looking into my speaking work.  I'm actually writing a new page and will have it up shortly, but in the meantime, if you'd like to get in touch, you can just message me from the contact page! 

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Meet Nate

The Basics...

I LOVE helping others and showing them how their incredible genius has so much more to do for them in their lives.  It feels great to share how long I suffered and the mistakes I made in my own little life story... as a business owner who just didn't get it... but who on the surface, seemed to have all success could provide.  Who didn't (for a long time) know how to be free, make a great living and truly do work that is incredibly inspiring to me... the work that God put on my heart, mind and soul before I was born.  As I've built my coaching and mentoring business, I've helped many business owners take control of their lives, access their true genius and create a level of freedom and income that few will ever experience.  They did it... not me.

Thank God for all the obstacles that I've had to overcome to get to this place.
Now, I can show others how I've done it... and remind everyone's genius that it's ok to show up in their lives and businesses.

When I gave up on serving my EGO and started serving the world ... everything in my life changed for the better.
I LOVE my family, my wife, my kids and am so filled with gratitude, that not a day goes by where I'm giving thanks for the life I live and the work that is really my joy.
(I haven't really "worked" in the traditional sense... the trade time for money version... for some time!) *it's a choice we can all make now.

Work with me and I can show you how to discover your genius, package it and bring it to the world in a way that will fulfill you and provide rewards for you and for your freedom like nothing any "normal" business could ever do - no matter what business you are in! (and you don't have to lose what you've built!)  I've had a decent amount of business success and a healthy dose of business failure... (lessons) that have shown me the way to prosperity and joy and I want to share that with you, if you'd like to break through in your life and business.  Imagine multiplying the gifts of your hands to many, rather than working so hard to create your wins one person, one client at a time.

When I started asking, "How may I serve?" rather than "What can I get?" my world turned upside down... in an amazing way.
I began working on the essential and purging the excess from my business and life.
I became a Minimalist CEO... and you'll be shocked at how exciting and effective a small business can be when you build it with only what matters and nothing else.
As a Minimalist CEO, these statements become true for you!  Can you feel it?

  • No office (at least not one that you have to be at everyday)
  • Virtual team - so world class talent is always available to me
  • Virtual (online) reporting systems so I can work from anywhere and LIVE LIFE!
  • Incredibly focused mission
  • A clear understanding and practice of your ideal life standards and values
  • A culture of collaboration, fun and growth
  • Lots of space between work to grow your creativity
  • Multiplying the work of your hands to hundreds, thousands - even MILLIONS of people by learning online delivery strategies


The LONGER STORY: (if you have a few minutes extra to read it... )

Hearing myself talk about me is... well, not my thing.  I'd much rather hear about you! (but, you clicked on Meet Nate, so here's a snapshot of some stuff that might resonate with you)
Please note that I'd really rather spend my time listening to your story and serving you, exploring your genius... helping you see an incredible possibility outside the walls of your current business model, lifestyle and revenue stream. I'd love to hear what's got you stuck, frustrated or worried.
I'd love to show you a vision of an amazing, fresh-air-free life that's just waiting for you outside your current business... or perhaps with a new version of that biz.
So, I'll do my best to share lots of that on my facebook page (click here to see that and you'll find videos and stuff)... or on my blog... (that's here).

At times we all bury our genius behind old decisions.  So, as I share this story - I also invite you to start your own re-evaluation like I did (and still do constantly)...  I believe that there are choices that we continue to settle for and live with that we could change NOW just by raising our own awareness of how things are going and making a decision to change something.  In order to fully benefit from a re-evaluation... a true life and business "how's it going" assessment... there's an important guiding rule that might help you like it helped me.

Rule #1: Ego must take a back seat. 
Ego is like a constant promise of greatness that we can all pull out like a swiss army knife whenever someone challenges our little self and our little voice - so we can spend loads of time "telling" people how great we are, just in case our results haven't caught up to our "story".  I was a master at leading with my ego at times and it cost me dearly in missed opportunities to learn, grow, earn and help others.  Every day I remind myself of this important rule and work to practice it... missing the mark from time to time.

Never having to work again ...

This story is a bit long, but I think you'll find that what I share opens up your mind a bit and gets you thinking. I've learned that doing work you are called to do and living a life on purpose makes life, income and fulfillment amazing! And, by trading your time for money and doing work just to get paid, life gets pretty dark, unfulfilling and frustrating at best and incredibly frightening at worst.  In my experience, the worst happens when you don't actually STOP, STEP BACK and take some silent time to become aware of just how things are going for you.  This story is the "short" version, but my hope is that it will unlock the part of you that wants to be free and then inspire you to take action... to make a change and to discover the genius that is bubbling below your old daily routines. We've all created prisons for ourselves in the habits we live out.  We are all trapped in small ways and HUGE ways.  That's why I love problems.  Well, why I really re-frame problems as opportunities to grow and make my life even better.   I've been trapped and still get trapped... just not in the same ways I used to... and sometimes, I still forget to just STOP and ask the important questions.  But, now I have a formula to escape this pattern when it creeps up.

And, if you stopped me on the street (on most days) - I'd tell you that I don't work and that I'm incredibly grateful for my life and the gifts that I've been given to use in this small time I get to enjoy life on earth. I used to work, but now, when I'm sharing my gifts, it's more fun and rewarding than any "work" I've ever done before and it's a blessing. So when I'm writing a training or teaching a course or mentoring one of my clients or a room full of people ready to create their own freedom, the sweat and hard work is a blast!  It actually fills me with joy.

Trust me when I tell you, you can step up and make a change too and it's actually easier than you think.  You can DECIDE to be free and give your genius room to blossom, to work for you... taking your life to a level of peak experience you can barely even imagine.

As you read on, you'll discover some of what I went through in my life and business journey that tempered the steel of a powerful formula.
One that I believe you can use to create change too.

This formula, that I crafted by evaluating my life journey, rife with mistakes, diversions, lessons and wins has become the very foundation of my teaching.  My ego was my enemy (Thanks Ryan Holiday!).  My story was mostly a wish for a fulfilling and successful life... that wasn't coming true.  I was mostly unfulfilled.
(Although I argued for years, with everyone who would listen (including myself) that my life was awesome and successful and ... blah, blah, blah...)

The GIFTS Formula has saved my life (and the formula is actually modelled from my most painful failures and the steps I took to turn my life and business around and take my freedom to a whole new level.  It's also the core of my business mentoring program ...
The GENIUS FREEDOM SYSTEM, the training that can literally help you discover your true genius (and gifts), package them and bring them to market so you are vibrating with the joy of the life you live and the work you do - every day and making an incredible, abundant living.

And get this... you'll be able to serve the world in a way that will bring you joy, fulfillment.
The key is that you will focus on what you do for others more than anything else... which means that you'll only give the best you have.
You'll commit to doing the work that was printed on your heart, mind and soul before you were even born.
You'll purge anything in your work or life that doesn't bring out the very best you have to give.

I think we're all experimenters.
The thing is, some of us just get our first few rounds of results and then stop experimenting.  In 2001, I found myself on that work treadmill again, having worked for 10 years as part time employee and part time business owner... going only a year or two as fully self-employed.  With the help from my current employer, I was "nudged" out into the world of the self-employed (fired) with the comment... "you should be doing this on your own".  This time I was full time self-employed and decided I would never go back to having a boss  - even part time!  I wanted to be in control of how I served the world, made a living and planned my life.  So, with a mixture of excitement and nervous (aka fearful) energy, I drove my little Ford Escort home - making quick plans to expand my fledgling marketing firm the entire drive ... and in the days and weeks that followed.  Within just a day or two I had my first new client, who graciously paid me the equivalent of more than 3 months of my previous pay!   WOW!!! I was now responsible for creating a marketing campaign for a good sized screen-printing company and it was the first real project of this scope I had ever undertaken.  This was just the beginning of my journey building hundreds of business growth strategies, branding campaigns and marketing programs.  Since then, I've built a series of small businesses.  Some did very well, and a handful of them failed badly (like my sign company... UGH), but during these experiments I've learned a ton of what not to do.  My most successful business venture (up until a few years ago) was the final evolution of my design and marketing firm, which I ran until 2015.  The money was very good for over a decade and with a team of dedicated designers, developers, sales-people and other managers, I was able to build the million dollar a year business of my dreams.  But, I had become that boss I had mentioned I never wanted again - and I started to hate my boss and the job I had built for myself!  Then, in 2011 - something beautiful, amazing and life-changing happened. 

I came very close to dying. (as a matter of fact, only a couple others in the world actually know this fact)
I ended up being rushed to the hospital with a serious health scare (passed out, high blood pressure, bleeding forehead, stopped heart) that DEMANDED a life change
and re-evaulation of my priorities, values and what really mattered to me!

The Dr. got my attention BIG TIME in the ER told me flat out... "After hearing your lifestyle and business schedule, I've got a strong sense of what got you into my hospital bed.  You'd better start taking your stress levels, health and quality of life seriously... and make some changes in your business or you are going to become a statistic!  No drugs or hospital visit can fix you if you fall dead on your desk."

After that, everything began to change. I starting asking questions about my life and what I was really supposed to be doing... What was my calling? Is this all their is?
What really matters in my life?

I was in serious pain.  Emotional and physical pain!
I was unfulfilled and unhappy... because I had stopped experimenting (You ever do that? Stop experimenting and just settle for the results, business, income or lifestyle you've been living?). For my first 10 years in business I was constantly creative, innovative, going after a refined business model to get me to the next level.  Early on I even focused on my quality of life.  I went from illustrator and graphic designer to a design firm, marketing firm, growth strategy firm, and finally a handful of incubated businesses within my business... just to try something new and exciting. What was awesome is that although most of them were small, all but just a few of them were quite profitable and fun.  But, at this stage, I realized that I forgot to get creative about discovering what I love and quality of life every day was a treadmill that I couldn't escape. Every day I wanted to turn down a different road and just try something new, make a change, start creating a new business where I could use the power and genius I just knew I had inside (that we all have)... and stop feeling so damn trapped. Life really couldn't be this painful forever... right?  Work didn't have to mean constant fear of loss, failure or not making enough money to pay salaries - right?  I couldn't even take a day off without spending 95% of the time afraid of hearing my cell phone ring!  With a constant FOMO (fear of missing out) and nagging sense that my there was no escape... I lived in a constant state of arrogant self-riteousness, defense of my status as a business owner and PANIC that somehow I'd lose it all.  At the end, I was starting to refuse business just because I couldn't picture doing the work anymore! 

This is when I really began asking better questions!
The more frustrated I got, the better my questions became.

There had to be a way to find something new... to find peace and to enjoy a fun, scalable business that made a great income and served the world... where I could do what I Love - right? But how?
I wondered if anyone ever woke up excited for their day once they had the responsibilities of a business.
Was I the only one feeling so lost and trapped?  Then, I began to dream ... Wouldn't it be great to have a laptop, a hot coffee and just a handful of clients I could serve... in a way that didn't require me to build another website or design another logo?  Man, I just knew there was a career change in order for me and one that I would LOVE! But what was it?

I had to figure this out!

Every day had become a pattern of distraction and doing work that I felt wasn't really making a difference for others.  I truly started to HATE MY DAYS! Nights, weekends, it didn't matter.  I couldn't find my joy anymore.
(My company was building beautiful marketing campaigns, designing great brands and all the work that went with it... but when I wasn't on purpose, when I wasn't becoming who I wanted to be in the process, it just didn't feel like I was authentic.  And, at times, I flat out felt like I was becoming an insensitive ass who was never present for the people around me.  I was obsessed and hitting burn-out)

When I tried to make a change, my business started to suffer as I became more frustrated and complacent...
"Let it burn down... who cares... maybe that's the only way to try doing work I actually love."  "At least I'll get to start over!"  "What's the worst that could happen?"
(Boy did I ever find out!)
There were times I actually dreamed of getting a 9 to 5 job so I could just have hours and then go home and STOP WORKING!
Ahhhh... so simple to make pizza or do data-entry in some cubicle.... maybe I could become a forest ranger or join the FBI... without the responsibilities of growing a business or paying salaries.  I wanted a change, some adventure and some PEACE OF MIND.

I needed to find a way to start something new, exciting, profitable and Smart... and transition from the business I had built, without throwing it all away.
After years of study and strategic planning on helping others, there had to be more inside me I could give that would bring me a great living! More meaning!

When you have this many years into building a business and it's actually growing, the idea of just ending it or trying to change is scary as heck! 
All of my days were full of overwhelm and I became obsessed with growing my business, innovating it...  while it had become the wrong business for me.
It was time to make a change...
It was time to do something else and bring this burning desire I had to serve the world.
I wanted to serve the world with grace and humilty and giving real value that would be appreciated... but with what?
What is my genius?
What are my GIFTS?

This is when I chose a meditation rather than medication.  The extra beer or xanax wasn't helping anymore...
and just selling more and attending to my mundane work addiction was going to kill me... so...

It was time to contemplate my death... to imagine what I now refer to as my "dirt in the face moment"... Just imagine contemplating your last moment as the dirt falls on your face and all of your loved ones are looking down on you.  Imagine what advice you'd be burning to share with those who were still alive, but you couldn't share it, because your body just couldn't speak anymore... your life was gone.  I had my answer and I DECIDED to make some changes... and make them NOW!
What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail.
What would I give for my life's work... for my calling, if I already had all the money I could ever need?
What work would be my legacy... for my life, my kids and my family?

This is when I started contemplating my own life's journey ... What did it have to teach me?
Hidden in plain site!

One thing I've failed to mention (or even consider myself until this point in my career) is that since I was 6 years old I had immersed myself in studying personal and business growth from leaders like Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Dennis Waitley, Robert Allen, Tony Robbins and more... Then, in 2001 I began attending seminars and trainings to learn more and more and apply it to my life and business.  Implementing business growths strategies was my focus... and what I learned about quality of life took a back seat as I was driven to work, work, work.
The inspiration I felt while studying finally turned to ACTION, when my frustration about my personal life and even my lack of fulfillment in business hit an all time high.

The turning point actually happened when I ran into a serious health scare that put me into the hospital, but it doesn't have to happen that way for you.

Prison building... on brick at a time
What I also built was a prison for myself.  It got to a point where the story of my business and how great I was or would someday be (that I kept telling and had to measure up to) and the income and the lifestyle I had created for myself required me to work an unGodly number of hours each week.   I was so stressed out and work-focused all the time, I'd started to believe my own story so much that I wasn't taking the steps to create the business and the life I truly wanted.
As I explored my own journey, I can see how I settled for early financial wins and even business growth and excitement... that weren't fulfilling any longer.
I wasn't inspired or excited about my life...

Then, I began to evaluate my breakthroughs...
Reveal some exciting truths about where I had been diverted that deserved another look ... where inspiration told me that I actually did know what mattered!
I had glimpsed these truths along the way and let life circumstances pull me in other, life-limiting directions.

Then, I asked this incredibly powerful question...

What would the evidence be of my IDEAL ULTIMATE LIFE if it actual came true all around me now?
Why not create it now... and believe it?

At this time I became incredibly inspired by a handful of coaches and leaders who were teaching others online, speaking and writing books.
As I studied what people like Eben Pagan, Jack Canfield, Lee McIntyre and Chet Holmes were doing in the online training space, I decided that this was my calling! What I learned is that these thought leaders had overcome failure, struggle and obstacles too.   And, they had found a way to WIN!
I would take what I had learned about building businesses (having served hundreds of clients over the years successfully) and help others start, grow and re-launch their businesses and do the same for mine... I decided that I would become a teacher, mentor and coach.

It's amazing how deciding to share my TRUE GIFTS and to serve the world, with a peaceful heart and calm, inspired approach changed me. By leveraging the genius he put in me and helping others I've experiened a huge shift ...  incredible health, energy, financial freedom and the joy of amazing relationships.  These are all gifts that I can share in the work I do. And, I couldn't have done it without the GIFTS FORMULA.

Now, I get to teach from my experiences and save others from making the same mistakes I did. Or, help them begin something new, create a vision and then a plan to make it come true that makes getting up every morning exciting!  I get to show people the true genius they have hidden inside and help them package it and bring it to market - so they can vibrate with the joy of living and giving the life and work they love!

Today, I've created a training program called the GENIUS FREEDOM SYSTEM that celebrates YOUR genius.  What's most exciting is that I can introduce you to business owners who have stepped back in their own businesses and asked, "What would be my ideal business experience and how does this support my ideal lifestyle?"  
With this system you can free your GENIUS and start making a living in a way that just isn't like work anymore... Where the inspiration and service of others runs the show!

To create this training so it truly serves the world, I've worked diligiently to uncover the hard learned lessons from my journey. And, I've learned to focus on my mistakes, areas where I was careless, misdirected or where I just needed to more experiences to get it right.   You'll hear how I decided to "Awaken my Giant Within" (Thanks Tony) and go headlong into a sign business where I new precious little about manufacturing... and how going big doesn't mean flying blind!

Now, I can be incredibly grateful for the struggles, obstacles and pain in my life... and also for the many successes that followed, because it's allowed me to become a mentor and a coach for others.  My greatest obstacles became the path to my greatest success!


Track Record

Using his GIFTS Formula Coaching Program, Nate launched his coaching business to high 6 figures in revenue in just a few months of opening, while using the principles he teaches to launch his first seminar to 6 figure revenue in only 6 hours.  As a coach, Nate was instrumental in relaunching a small oil company to over $500k in new profits in under 6 months, doubled the ticket sales to a NASCAR speedway event in just 27 days, and has helped dozens of clients gain new enthusiasm, clarity and fearless ability to heed their true calling, while building their businesses in a minimalist, virtual model – to name only a few of his proven successes.

Nate has served national and international clients, from Velcro USA, Cabot Cheese and ABC to local and regional businesses like Putnam Fuel and Bedford Commons OBGYN. He has spoken for many private and public organizations and businesses, being featured on the stages of the NH Creative Club, The AHA Success Summit, ABC, Barnes & Noble, Russo’s on the Bay with Joseph McClendon III, Tony Robbins Leadership Bootcamp and Chet Holmes International’s – Ultimate Business Mastery Group – to name a few..

Get in Touch

As you can imagine, I get lots of emails and calls. I would like to respond to everyone, it’s just physically impossible. I have an AWESOME client happiness team, who will read your message. And, there is a very good chance they’ll share it with me as well. Bottom line, we’re paying attention so go ahead and reach out!

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